The Old World Conflict

Shall we write about the things not to be spoken of?
Shall we divulge the things not to be divulged?
Shall we pronounce the things not to be pronounced?

- Julian, Hymn to the Mother of the Gods

We’ve seen many things come to pass as time continues moving through space. We see many things remain the same. Human complicity in reality as it is perceived has always been tenuous because the human wants guidance, direction, and purpose. We see this in early Egyptian texts on magic and ceremony. We see this in Enochian tablets attempting to invoke or appease the gods. This is both an integrated part of the human condition and a place that is ripe for reinterpretation. In the Books of Absence we see the way out. We see that our place is not one of meaning, but one of irrelevance. We see the old prophesies fall into the abyss like everything else, for the void is ALL.

There is great respect for the foundations of the Old World which brought many ideas and translations out of antiquity, but there is also a sadness for their failure to recognize themselves as pawns toward a structure of repeated fallacy. It has taken humanity thousands of years worth of discovery to realize the truth of absentia in cognitum as espoused by the Order and reinterpret many of the old texts, stripping away the overly florid interpretations to get back to the original source material from which to divine true understanding.

Our goal is always a destiny of pure and uncompromising absence. To be None as the prophets have proclaimed. So what, then, of writing, divulging, and pronouncements? What purpose do they serve, Julian? Appease your Mother Gods in your ancient tongue. You will not find the truth there. For the truth is absent inside all of us.

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