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While public information has appeared a bit quiet around here, we can assure you there are some major changes happening within the Order and within the broader sphere of Mystical Nihilism that are very exciting. We will devote much more time to the changes happening within the Order a bit later, but at this moment we wanted to share some very exciting things that are starting to happen in other spheres tangential to our concerns that all of our followers and other curious bodies should be aware of.


gnOme publishing has begun putting out some very inspiring texts that many of our followers will surely enjoy. From the Apocryphal to the Occulted, there are many ways to engage in the absence of this being. Our very own Vincent Como had some wonderful things to say about their recent “How to Stay in Hell”.


We are also very excited to see the Unsorcery project of Florin Fleuras and Alina Popa taking off. We are sure many will recognize the similarities in their Dead Thinking to the Void Consciousness we speak of in the Order. This is something to keep an eye on for sure.


Finally, the Bureau of Melodramatic Research is hosting a Congress of Pessimism in Bucharest this spring which looks to surely be an interesting and exciting series of lectures including friends and associates of the Order, Nicola Masciandaro and Ben Woodard as well as the aforementioned Unsorcerers and Dylan Trigg.



Daily Affirmation

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Welcome to the first day of the end of your life.

Yesterday has become one with Void, as today will tomorrow. Eventually all will become one with Void. Absent of being and being absent. Know this, and prepare yourself for the eventuality of communion with complete and absolute absence.

From the Archives:

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“We learn that through void, all is possible. We learn that through void, all is possibility. We accept that we are flawed, because we are not meant to be, and yet are. We come from nothing that we may return to nothing. This inevitability is clouded in the minds of those who are not ready to become n-one. Those who would expend great energy and resources to hold on to this meaninglessness, rather than move beyond its irrelevance. Nothing is coming for you whether you accept its embrace or not.” – James Parson, The Emptiness Doctrine first published in 1979.

Restructuring the Abyss

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We are currently in the midst of some organizational restructuring and while business as usual continues within, our public persona may appear a bit stagnant. As always, you may contact us for more information, and to stay up to date with events. We thank you for your patience, and as always: Nothing Is, Nothing Becomes, Nothing is Not.

Sweet Nothings

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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Nothing to Nothing. William James suggested that the query: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” was one of “the darkest questions in all of philosophy”. It is not to be undertaken lightly. Certainly, the above illustration by Steve Ditko would suggest that we, as humans, are, or should be, something. Yet, at the very same time, we came from nothing and will return to nothing.  Don’t be fooled, our very being should not be, and luckily, some day won’t any longer. Prepare yourself for the coming eventuality. Prepare yourself for your destiny. Prepare yourself for Nothing.

The Black Singularity in Drain Magazine

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It is with great delight that we are able to share with you a new writing project from His Darkness Vincent Como which became manifest this past summer. As with most summer reading/writing, it is a feel-good nihilistic romp exploring black, and the threshold for human understanding and relation as structured through archaic beliefs, quantum mechanics, psychology and aesthetics. We’re very excited to see it published in the new issue of Drain Magazine, an online journal of contemporary theory, with this current issue being dedicated entirely to BLACK.

Enjoy…Or, Be Warned! (Whichever is more applicable)

Either way, check it out here: The Black Singularity

The Old World Conflict

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Shall we write about the things not to be spoken of?
Shall we divulge the things not to be divulged?
Shall we pronounce the things not to be pronounced?

- Julian, Hymn to the Mother of the Gods

We’ve seen many things come to pass as time continues moving through space. We see many things remain the same. Human complicity in reality as it is perceived has always been tenuous because the human wants guidance, direction, and purpose. We see this in early Egyptian texts on magic and ceremony. We see this in Enochian tablets attempting to invoke or appease the gods. This is both an integrated part of the human condition and a place that is ripe for reinterpretation. In the Books of Absence we see the way out. We see that our place is not one of meaning, but one of irrelevance. We see the old prophesies fall into the abyss like everything else, for the void is ALL.

There is great respect for the foundations of the Old World which brought many ideas and translations out of antiquity, but there is also a sadness for their failure to recognize themselves as pawns toward a structure of repeated fallacy. It has taken humanity thousands of years worth of discovery to realize the truth of absentia in cognitum as espoused by the Order and reinterpret many of the old texts, stripping away the overly florid interpretations to get back to the original source material from which to divine true understanding.

Our goal is always a destiny of pure and uncompromising absence. To be None as the prophets have proclaimed. So what, then, of writing, divulging, and pronouncements? What purpose do they serve, Julian? Appease your Mother Gods in your ancient tongue. You will not find the truth there. For the truth is absent inside all of us.